Application Development (Mobile)

We offer full-scale of software solutions for mobile devices that have already contributed to the success of many businesses across different industries.

We have a vast experience in app development for Android, Windows, iOS, mobile back end, integration of various services post-launch support.

We develop our mobile applications using Modularity Design Pattern which helps divide the system into sets of functional units (called modules), representing each feature on your requirement document. This will allow us develop each feature independently of each other.

This also offers easy integration of new features that may be introduced in the future as modules that can be integrated into the core of the system in case of an upgrade and update. More like plug-and- play. The following are the possible modules that may be implemented and integrated into the android mobile application.

Security Module

This module may involve Two Factor Authentication and all other security features.

Admin, Feedback & Analytics Module

This module involves Admin Dashboards, Customer-Admin Related Systems, Intercom, Crash Reporting, Multilingual Support.

Billing & eCommerce Module

This module allow for buying, selling and payment. This may include features like Shopping Cart, In-App Purchasing, Payment Information Collection and Payment Processing.

App Content Module

Apart from applications that requires static data. This module involves how contents in the applications will be generated. It could be fetching data from a web resource or user generated. User generated contents module could include Activity Feed, Media Uploading, User Profiles,Tags, Ratings or Review, Media Manipulation and Searching.

Dates & Location Module

This module involves Calendaring apps, Display of Maps/Geolocation, Geofencing, Display of custom markers/regions, bookings.

Social & Engagement Module

This module involves Social features which include Messaging, Forums or Commenting, Social Sharing, Push to Facebook Open Graph and Push Notifications.