Email Marketing

Email Marketing

In a world with more than 3 billion active email addresses, it is no secret that email is one of the preferred medium of communication among businesses and enterprises. People are checking their inbox on their smartphones, tablets, and other times laptops or desktop . Doesn’t really matter which way they read it, it is all about the content and that is what we do by helping brand to push out via email.

We have worked with everyone from small businesses hoping to become big names, to multinational companies looking for a fresh approach to consumer outreach and everything in between. We understand the power of communication and look forward to introducing your brand to a whole new set of customers.

Our Strategy

Target your audience for best results
Focusing delivery efforts goes a long way towards reaching your audience. Stand out in the inbox by targeting content to sub-sets of your audience. With List Segmentation and Engagement reporting build right in, finding your optimal audience is a snap.

Collect and track so you can react
Don’t have any targeting data? Don’t worry. Megatek has you covered. Start collecting filtering data by tagging opens and/or clicks on your message. When your audience interacts with your offers, Megatek collects, adds the tags to each record so you can target future deliveries more effectively.

Reporting and analysis
Megatek knows that data analysis is the key to email marketing success. Compare summary stats from multiple campaigns to see how you’re delivery is trending. We dive deeper into detailed campaign reports and get access to openers, clickers, and SMTP transaction logs.

Litmus inbox previews included
Find out how your email looks in popular email clients like iPhones, Android phones, Gmail, Yahoo etc. There’s nothing worse than testing a message in Gmail only to find that the display in Outlook and other platform looks different. We test all your messages before you send to make sure your messages always look perfect!

Unlimited contacts
Use our powerful segmentation tool, while enjoying unlimited contacts. Include conditional logic to personalize your communication and improve your reactivity rates.