5 Best Ways To Optimize Your Instagram

It is essential to optimize your Instagram if you want to successfully market your brand in the social media world. Instagram is saturated with businesses, brands, and influence-rs that are all vying for their audience’s attention. Even with great content and the best intentions, it’s hard to find success on Instagram. Keep reading to figure out what exactly your Instagram is missing.

  1. Optimize Your Bio

Your Instagram bio is the first look that Instagram users have into your brand. To make your profile stand out, your bio needs to have a succinct and sharp “about me”, as well as specific hashtags that speak to your niche, and a link to your website, store or blog.

With only 150 characters, you need to find a way to engage and attract more followers with as few words as possible. In addition to the link at the end of your bio, you can add clickable links by using specific hashtags, as well as tagging other accounts. Use the “@” sign to link to related branded accounts. And by sharing your brand’s hashtag, you can encourage your audience to follow it or they can use it when posting their own content as a way connect with your brand.

  1. Create Consistently High-Quality Content

High-quality content is an essential way to optimize your Instagram. The key reason that drives people to follow brands on Instagram is the content that they share. “Successful businesses and influencers on Instagram, and online in general, make a habit of consistently sharing high-quality content,” according to Scott Keever SEO. With great content, you will ensure that you have something to engage your audience, attract the attention of your followers, and keep pointing people back to your brand.

Creating quality content for Instagram is multi-layered. While some small businesses like to run their own social media, other brands with the funds to do so invest in content creators. Tips for producing killer content include: utilizing easy-to-use design software, using high-resolution images, incorporating a varied format with their layout, reposting popular content, and sharing GIFs and memes that are in line with your brand’s message.

  1. Writing Eye-Catching Captions

Good Instagram captions create more engagement. Your caption can determine how many people comment and like your posts, so it’s important to put careful thought into what you use for your caption. While captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, it’s a good idea to keep things simple, easy to read, and insightful.

The best captions are tailor-made for your audience. With every caption, you’ll want to continue to establish your brand’s voice. Best practices for writing captions include putting the most important words in the beginning and using key hashtags within the caption and/or in a comment below the post, as well as including simple calls to action. This will make your posts more consistent and engaging to followers that are interested in your content.

  1. Encourage Engagement with Replies to Comments

Businesses and brands know that comments on posts boost engagement, though most aren’t sure what to say in response to comments left on their content. Comments on Instagram are typically a combination of compliments, questions and customer service issues, spam, or something else. Though it helps to add a human touch to each reply, the type of response varies by each kind of comment.

With compliments, a polite response is always welcomed. When compliments are specific and seemingly authentic, this is a good sign that you’re dealing with a real person as opposed to a fake account. A response like “thank you!” or “I’m glad you liked this” is a good way to reply to compliments. Moreover, you can include a call to action such as “check out our site” or “DM us for more information”.

  1. Using a Growth Tool to Grow Your Account

Growing an engaged following on Instagram is difficult. Regardless of how easy it may seem, most brands are initially disappointed that they aren’t seeing the engagement and results that they hoped for. This is why so many brands are using Instagram growth tools to grow their accounts.

Using a growth tool helps businesses target followers and similar accounts by using Instagram marketing techniques to help brands gain an engaged and authentic audience. While there are an endless amount of tools and techniques promising to boost brand’s Instagram presence.

In today’s world, it can seem like a race to find success on Instagram. If you optimize your Instagram, your brand will have its best chance to succeed and bring in more followers. Brands that have a stellar bio, consistent high-quality content with great captions, timely replies to comments, and the right tools to grow their audience, will find they are able to truly harness the power of Instagram.