The Personal Branding Content Lifecycle

Personal branding is so much easier now with the ease of blogging and being able to promote your content with social media.(which is always full of great tips and insights on how to create a personal brand) lets looks at how important content is as part of a personal brand creation and marketing strategy. He says..

To create a credible and influential personal brand requires that you create remarkable content. Here is a flow chart that details the different stages of the personal branding content life cycle. Use it to help you understand the different stages and how to use each stage more effectively as you create the brand called you.

Create Content:

Creating content is the first step in the content life cycle. Content can be blog posts, interviews, video blog posts, mash-ups, wikis, podcasts, eBooks, webinars, linkfests, etc. We live in a world that is thirsty for great content. If you want to get ahead with your personal brand you need to see yourself in the business of creating content regardless of what industry you are in. There is a market for everything and eyeballs waiting for their attention to be grabbed.

Promote and Share:

Once you have created some content it is time to promote and share it with others. There is a fine line between being too self promotional and not promotional enough. Toe the line and worst comes to worst you make a few mistakes along the way. Learn from these mistakes and get better. A good method to follow is to promote other peoples work more than yours; you will be surprised how much free exposure this gets you in the long run as your presence grows.

Monitor and Analyze

How are you going to know which type of content is doing the best if you don’t monitor and analyze it? There are some great free and paid tools out there that can help you gain insight into what it resonating with your readers and what is off the mark. You need to be analyzing your content so that over time you can realize and take advantage of the trends.

Iterate and Evolve:

Content gets better over time as you make changes and get better at creating content. Nothing great has ever been built in a day without mistakes. Always be iterating and experimenting so you can find what works best. Strive to constantly improve your content and personal brand and you will create something very valuable over time. Remember your personal brand is an asset that can increase or decrease in value over time.  It is up to you which way your asset value goes.

Create Leverage:

When you are seen as a part of the community and have built up a credible personal brand you can then take advantage of leverage. You can begin using your blog as a springboard to start doing guest blog posts on influential blogs. You can then leverage this to start speaking on panels or doing webinars. You can leverage relationships with others to co-author books and projects. When you start applying leverage with your personal brand you gain lift, more exposure, and your stock begins to rise quickly. You are crossing the chasm.

What do you think of the Personal Branding Content Lifecycle? Was it helpful? Did I miss anything here?  Please share your comments.