Social Messaging Apps for Marketing, why should you use them?

“Support is the real battlefield for brand growth. As empowered consumer expectations continue to rise, the brands that support best will win.” according to Google in 2018 and it seems that the World is just seeing how much its worth.

And what better way to support if not with the tool most preferred by the consumer, clients, messages? But let’s not just talk about online support; instant messaging systems can be used for any marketing aim.

A 2018 report  shows that messaging app users around the world went from 1.58 billion in 2016 to 2.01 billion in 2018, with the 2021 projection giving us a monthly audience of 2.48 billion people now there is the assurance that with good customer service and well designed website companies should be able at least gain 1,000 new clients per months which can in turn lead to 200 becoming frequent users..

Number of users in billions

This would be enough to push marketers all over the world to highlight the messaging channel as the channel with the most potential for marketing and, more generally, for brand communication.

But let’s take it a step further. Facebook IQ conducted a study on the use of mobile messaging, interviewing 12,500 people worldwide. Data emerged that cannot be ignored:

  • 63% of respondents noted that communications with companies via messaging apps has increased in the last two years
  • 56% would rather send a message than call a company in order to deal with a company’s customer service.
  • 61% say they appreciate personalized messages from companies
  • Over 50% say they are willing to shop at a company that communicates through messaging apps.

What can messaging apps do for your business?

In today’s fragmented landscape where brands are in strong competition to catch people’s attention, messaging offers an unmissable opportunity for communicating with a young and ultra-connected audience. The various apps offering a wide range of contact possibilities with customers and potential customers:

  • Cultivate contact
  • Deliver information
  • Boost sales
  • Involve people in events
  • Regain potential customers
  • Provide support and assistance

Let’s instead look at the tangible benefits:

  • Registration is quick and easy for people (compared to landing pages and registration forms in general)
  • You only get real contact data at all times
  • Registration is instant
  • Messaging presents the best combination, as it has a simple structure but can be rich in content
  • The messaging channel lends itself to integration with bots (Facebook Messenger already has 300,000 bots developed)
  • Messaging has high engagement rates (Statist data 2016: opening rates: 80% or more (88% average opening rate for Facebook Messenger); click rates: 30% or more)
  • They are safe and familiar places for people
  • No optimization required: messages are automatically formatted for optimal layout
  • Imply a two-way relationship, as opposed to TV, direct mail, email, print, radio, etc.

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